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Location of Germany within Europe
Carl Friedrich Gauss

Germany is one of the world's most industrialised countries, located in the center of Europe. It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea, to the south by Austria and Switzerland, to the west by France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic.

Germany is a democratic federal parliamentary republic, containing 16 federal-states (Bundeslnder), which in certain spheres act independently of the Federation or "Bund".

The Federal Republic of Germany is a member state of the United Nations, NATO, the G8 nations, and a founding member of the European Union. More...

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Ship movements during the Battle of Jutland

The Battle of Jutland (German: Skagerrakschlacht) was the largest naval battle of World War I and the only full-scale clash of battleships in that war. It was fought on 31 May1 June 1916, in the North Sea near Jutland, the northward-pointing peninsular mainland of Denmark. The combatants were the Kaiserliche Marines (Germany's) High Seas Fleet and the Royal Navys British Grand Fleet. The intention of the German fleet was to lure out, trap and destroy a portion of the Grand Fleet, part of their larger strategy of breaking the British naval blockade of the North Sea and allowing German mercantile shipping to operate again. The Royal Navy, on the other hand, was pursuing a strategy seeking to engage and cripple the High Seas Fleet and keep the German force bottled up and away from their own shipping lanes.

Fourteen British and eleven German ships were sunk with great loss of life. Both sides claimed victory. The British had lost more ships and many more sailors, and the British press criticized the Grand Fleet's actions, but Scheers plan of destroying Beattys squadrons had also failed. In the aftermath of the battle, the German Navy turned its efforts and resources to unrestricted submarine warfare. More...

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The Musiktheater im Revier, the opera house of Gelsenkirchen

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More Germany-related news in English can be found at Deutsche Welle, Tagesschau, and Der Spiegel.

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